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gifts and gadgets store - Are You Listening (1932) DVD Movie 1932 - Drama - Movies and DVDs

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Are You Listening (1932) DVD Movie 1932 - WBLA is on the air, presenting the live music, the sudsy dramas and the sell-sell-sell of commercial interludes that keep consumers buying and sponsors smiling. But one sponsor, a producer of plumbing supplies, isn't happy. So WBLA scriptwriter Bill Grimes is bounced from his job, setting in motion this movie's turn from comedic to darkly tragic. William Haines, two years removed from being Tinseltown's top male star, plays Grimes in a melodrama noted for its glimpses of live radio production and for a Depression-era ethos that includes peroxide cuties eager to land a job, a sugar daddy or both. The cast includes Hattie McDaniel in a bit role. Are You Listening? Don't touch that dial.

Run Time: 73:00 Final Format: DVD - NTSC Year: 1932.
This Disc is formatted for all Regions and has CSS Copyright Protection (will not play in some laptops).
Actors: William Haines, Madge Evans, Anita Page, Karen Morley, Neil Hamilton, Jean Hersholt, Joan Marsh.
Genre: Drama, Mystery.
Aspect Ratio: 4 X 3 FULL FRAME, Original Aspect Ratio - 1.33 Audio: Mono 1.0 - English.
Brand: Warner
Product Code: 883000000000

Price: $19.92

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