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gifts and gadgets store - By Dawns Early Light DVD Movie 1990 - Drama - Movies and DVDs

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By Dawns Early Light DVD Movie 1990 - Nuclear war-- a nightmare that may become grim reality for the world in this riveting thriller. When a fanatical group opposed to friendly U.S./Soviet relations explodes a nuclear missile over a Russian city, it begins a chain reaction of accusations and actions that begin the groundwork for WWIII. As the clock ticks toward total nuclear annihilation, the American presidentand the Soviet president race toward a solution, fighting with their own camps as well as with each other. Two air force pilots involved romantically as well as professionally, Cassidy (Powers Boothe) and Moreau (Rebecca de Mornay), are ordered to take their B-52 bomber into the air and await further instruction from the president (Martin Landau). But when it is reported that a bomb has killed the President, pilots Cassidy and Moreau are ordered to perform the grand tour, the systematic bombing of th ebunkers of all Russian leaders. Can these two follow through on a command that will mark the beginning of the end?

Run Time: 101:00 Final Format: Year: 1990.
This Disc is formatted for all Regions and has CSS Copyright Protection (will not play in some laptops).
Actors: James Earl Jones, Martin Landau, Powers Boothe, Rebecca De Mornay.
Genre: Drama, Suspense, Action.
Aspect Ratio: Audio:.
Brand: HBO
Product Code: 883000000000

Price: $21.53

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